About Us

Freshopy.com is an online shopping platform, where you can purchase all items that you need for your home. You can purchase all kind of groceries including fresh Fruits and vegetables, meat, name anything that comes to your daily life. Freshopy will make sure the best quality available for everyone. No pesticides no chemicals no cheating if anything delivers to you by Freshopy, that money and replacement item is yours.


Freshopy will guarantee you the hygiene in all stages until we deliver. High standard packing and delivery will provide you the best products to your home.


Freshopy’s first preference are the elders, for them shopping is becoming a difficult task. No traffic, no long waiting in que, no extra expense, everything comes to you within few hours. No need to wait for anyone to buy for them. Our shopping and delivery as simple as a click away. Next comes our busy working population, after office hours go for shopping is a difficult task. Just shop with us we will be there when you reach home. Like this we are here to help all of you to spend your valuable hours with your family and friends.


Our attractions are

  • Majority of items are directly from local producers
  • Unlimited choices of products
  • Organic fruits, vegetables and meat
  • Unlimited discounts and offers
  • Easy payment options - Cash on delivery, Credit/Debit Card Payment, Wallet Services
  • Dedicated Customer service
  • Fully trained professionals
  • Order using Android, IOS apps and website


Freshopy will cover all the categories under grocery includes fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, packed foods, frozen foods, Rice, Cooking ingredients etc. And we will deliver unavailable items upon special request. (Sorry no alcohol, no smoking items)


Welcome to Freshopy…